Health Plan Options For Young Adults

Young adults have a lot on their plate, but one thing which might not be on their mind just yet is health insurance. The average emergency room visit could be 1,200$ minimum. Thanks to the health reform law, it is easier for adults aged 19 to 26 to get insurance.

Under the new law, insurance plans cover all up to age 26. If you move out of your house, you could stay on your parents' health plan if it offers coverage for dependents.

If you get a job with health benefits, you make the decision to either stay on your family's plan or you can join the one that's offered. However, 'Grandfathered' plans do not have enrollment to adult children. These existed before 2010, when the health reform bill became a law.

The new law states that between the age of 19 to 26, you can have access to services such as vaccinations, pregnancy care, cancer screenings.

It's important to note that vision and dental plans are different than health insurance. Your coverage with your parents' plans depends on the specific type of plan you have.

If you're choosing your own plan, here are some options to think of.

1. Health Maintenance Organization
If you choose this, you must see a doctor in the HMO's network. If you need to see a specialist, you will need a primary care doctor. However, medical bills in this type of plan are usually lower.

2. Preferred Provider organization
You can see a doctor that's out of the plan's network, but you will have to pay extra if the doctor is in fact out of the network.

3. Point Of Service
These plans generally require you to choose a doctor in the network. However, the plan may provide the option of seeing a specialist out of network at a higher charge.

It's important to think of these questions when choosing a health plan.

What type of services is covered by the plan' Do you need them'

How much will each plan cost' Don't forget deductibles

Are you pregnant or planning on it'

If you are pregnant, the plan must cover prenatal and pregnancy care. It does not have to provide coverage for the baby.

If you are employed, but the company does not offer any benefits, you can purchase a plan on insurance Marketplace. You can use the website to see what tax credits you quality for to help pay for the insurance premiums.

Date Posted: 2017-06-15